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sensor sticker Freestyle Libre 3 sunflowers

sensor sticker Freestyle Libre 3 sunflowers

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Make your Freestyle Libre sensor stand out with a beautiful vinyl sticker

Diabetes devices such as sensors and insulin pumps help us control our sugar levels and are thus useful in diabetes management, but unfortunately they don't look very nice.

Thanks to the vinyl device stickers in different patterns, you can add some style to your Freestyle Libre 3 sensor. Flowers, cats, rainbows... find your favorite!

Does your son or daughter have diabetes and would you like to make wearing a sensor a bit more fun? Let them choose their favorite device sticker with each sensor change to make it a little more fun! The Freestyle Libre is such a useful tool for managing your child's sugar levels, but especially for kids it looks so boring, adding a device sticker can pimp up this boring sensor and add some personality

High quality vinyl sticker for Freestyle Libre

The Freestyle Libre 3 sticker is made of high-quality vinyl. This material is durable, thick and strong.

The vinyl sticker for Freestyle Libre has a protective film to prevent scratches and is UV-resistant. The sticker is water resistant, so don't worry when you shower, take a bath or go swimming.

Easy to take off and reuse

This sticker for the Freestyle Libre lasts the entire life of the sensor. If you want to replace the sticker, you can easily remove it without leaving any adhesive residue. If removed carefully, the sticker can be reused several times.

Application of the sensor sticker

Apply the vinyl sticker to a clean and dry surface to ensure it lasts as long as you want.

Product features

  • Water repellent
  • UV resistant
  • Good adhesive strength
  • Protective film prevents scratches
  • Leave no adhesive residue when removed
  • Easy to take off and reuse
  • Makes your sensor more beautiful
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