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fix tape/plaster for Guardian Link camo

fix tape/plaster for Guardian Link camo

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Plaster/fix tape for Guardian Link camo

This reinforcement patch with camouflage design for Guardian Link is sweat-resistant, water-resistant and will not fray. This sensor tape keeps your Guardian Link securely attached to everything you do, and it's also easy to remove. With this strengthening patch for Guardian Link, you can enjoy the freedom of activity while knowing your sensor stays in place.

Train or play without worries!

Do you often worry that your sensor will come loose before it's time to replace it? Does your child's Guardian ever come off while playing? Do you have an active lifestyle and are you afraid that your Guardian will come loose during exercise? Then this plaster/fix tape with camo design for Guardian Link is what you need!

Making Diab food technology a little more fun

Your son or daughter has diabetes and you want to make sensor changes a bit more fun? Let them choose their favorite patch to make that sensor change a bit of fun! The Guardian Link is such a useful tool in managing your child's sugar levels, but especially for kids it looks so boring, adding a fun patch can pimp this boring sensor!

Easy to apply

The firming patches are made from a biocompatible material and have a thick backing for easy application. The strong adhesive can last up to 21+ days.

How do you apply the sensor tape?

Step 1: Prepare your skin with soap and water or use an alcohol wipe to disinfect. Let the skin dry.

Step 2: Apply the plaster, it comes off easily thanks to the thick backing. Try to touch the adhesive side as little as possible.

Tips for long-lasting results

- Do not touch the exposed adhesive.

- Avoid wrinkles at the edges.

- If the outer seal should crack during wear, you can fix it with skin tac .

- Store in a sealed bag before use

Product features

  • Latex-free, good skin tolerance
  • Water repellent
  • Patch dries quickly
  • Sweat resistant
  • Fray-resistant
  • Flexible stretch material
  • Easy to apply thanks to the thick backing
  • The strong adhesive can last for more than 21 days
  • Patented and medically safe ink technology

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